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My story:

I’ve been working with strong women to help bring their babies into this world for 5 years. After 3 children of my own, all with very different births, I felt a need to embrace and empower moms so that they had an opportunity to have an amazing birth of their own.

Going through courses, classes, and endless birthing books I bring my personal experiences, education, and certification as a birthing companion to help my clients achieve their goals, conquer their fears and truly have a memorable experience. Moms and their partners will have the chance to express their needs in the birthing process and in return will receive information and education that will help them make the best-educated decision for their family.

Doula services-$600

My fees include 2 pre-natal consultations which can include an appointment to midwife or obgyn. 24 hour on call surrounding anticipated delivery date. Continuous labor support throughout labor and up to 3 hours post partum. Follow up in home appointment within 3 days of delivery.

Placenta encapsulation-$150

My placenta encapsulation fee is discounted by $25 if purchased with doula services. For encapsulation, I will pick up your placenta shortly after birth and return to you within 2 days, in pill form with instructions.

Postpartum Doula-Varies

My role as a postpartum doula is to ease the transition from pregnancy into life with a newborn. I offer assistance, knowledge and emotional support during this time to enable a faster recovery and increase your confidence in this new phase of your life! This may include: massage, meal prep, basic household chores, running errands, helping with baby so mom may get a well needed nap or shower in!

Although I use my birth fees to support my own family, I believe in supporting a woman through labor regardless of ability to pay. If a payment plan or reduced fee is needed please let me know.

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Did you know you can apply for reimbursement through your insurance company for doula services? Some flexible spending accounts also allow for doula services, don’t deny yourself a doula due to finances, there are many great options!

Contact Info: 

Call or Text: 541.905.0527


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Client Testimonial:

I had the pleasure of having Amithyst as my Doula for my second child. Being a second-time mom I had experience, but I had a difficult delivery with my son and I was fearful to go through the process again. Having her with me during the delivery was a comfort, as it meant someone else was there to help me through all the excitement, pain, and chaos of the birthing process. It was so great having her there to help and knowing that the wildness of it wouldn’t phase her, and that her focus was to be there for me and encourage me in this process.
I enjoyed her support building up to the big day as well. The great thing about a doula is that she doesn’t just show up the day of, she is there to talk to about all the little worries, dreams, and baby-related ideas along the way. Any questions that might come up, anytime, she is there to talk with you about them. Unlike a friend who, in spite of their best intentions, would surely get sick of hearing about how strongly you feel about instant skin-to-skin or whatever else all the time, Amithyst is devoted to the experience and excited to discuss all of it along the way.
Amithyst also took the placenta after delivery and had it dehydrated and encapsulated for me. When it was returned to me it was in a beautiful jar with my daughter’s name on it, a keepsake I can hold on to even after capsules were long gone. She also took photos of those first precious moments when everyone else was too in awe of this gorgeous new life to think to take pictures.
I really enjoyed Amithyst’s services as a doula. She is kind and supportive, and not one to push values upon people which for me is incredibly important. She is a wealth of knowledge too, I wish I could have had her the first time around. I know for a fact that very terrifying, difficult experience would have been a more manageable and happy experience like my daughter’s birth was with the help of a doula like Amithyst.
Hospital Birth, June of 2015