Adventures in STEP-Parenting #2

Guess what everyone who ever told me I would love my own more than I love my step-daughters? You were dead f—–g wrong! The love I have for the little squirt (mine), and the big ones (step-daughters), may be different but there is not more. I love those big kids so much it hurts, hence the blog.

Over the years talking to all different kinds of people, when asked if I had children I always answered yes since I have been with my husband. Anyone who dismissed the fact that I had step-daughters like they did’t count probably didn’t make it any farther than that with a conversation. “So you don’t have any of your own?” Piss off. They are mine too. I love them and I wash their dirty underwear, and teach them how to wipe their own ass. I didn’t push them out of my vagina but they are mine too. Even if only every other weekend and half the summer.

You know what having my own has taught me? That I do love the big ones just as much as I thought I did. My oldest step-daughter once said something about how I would be more sad if something happened to the little one. I would be equally devastated if something happened to one of my step-daughters. Due to the fact that these kids aren’t in my care all of the time, the worry and fear is always on. I only sleep peacefully every other weekend, when my whole family is under one roof.

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