Not taking my kids trick-or-treating, and I don’t feel bad.

Instead of a night of going door to door to get candy, this year we’re  having a Halloween party and here’s why:

I’m done with taking candy from strangers. I don’t trust people. America is a scary place these days. I will take them to my place of employment, and maybe to the downtown trick-or-treating. But no more candy from strangers.

Too much candy. Do you know what happens to all the candy our three kids get? It goes bad or we eat it ourselves. I only let the kids eat maybe one piece a day and the rest sits in a bucket on top of the fridge until Christmas where we start the whole horrible process over. Then at Valentines Day we throw the Christmas candy away, and on Easter… You get the point.

I’m tired. I have a job, I work on this website. I don’t want to drag the kids from house to house, grandparent to grandparent. People can come to us this year.

Myself and my kids would rather spend the time with people we like. We are having a party where there will be friends and family, scary movies, candy and god forbid… A VEGGIE TRAY!

We may never go trick-or-treating at a strangers door again and I guess I don’t really care if that is me “letting the terrorists win.” The world is changing, and so am I. My mother was paranoid, but looking back on it, nothing terrible happened to me as a result.

I do believe kids need to learn how to protect themselves, how to sense danger themselves, but I’m also not going to tell them it’s ok to take candy from strangers anymore. I’m teaching them to be proactive and not to put themselves in danger. IMG_6803 - Copy

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