My Cesarean Frustration

When my cesarean happened, I thought I was at peace with it. I thought it was what was necessary to keep my baby safe. “A healthy mom and healthy baby are all that matters.” The more times I hear that phrase, the more I want to slap someone.

The truth is, as time passes the more not ok with my cesarean I become. The more I realize I am probably one of the 15 percent who probably really didn’t need it, and the more angry become. I blame my body for failing me, I blame myself for not educating myself more. I blame doctors and hospital staff.

As I sit through my classes at school and learn about the birth process, my heart beats faster and my mind races. Watching the video in class of a cesarean is almost more than I can bare. The way the medical world views and teaches cesareans as such a standard protocol turns my stomach.

30 percent of births end in cesarean in this country.There is nothing normal about that number, and every woman should know that before they give birth.

Find more here from the World Health Organization:

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