What is this all about?

0821151955Who are these crazy broads and what are they doing?

Well, we are mothers from the Mid-Willamette Valley who want to share everything we can to help local families!

Our goals:

  • Offer our own birth stories¬†as help for others
  • Provide a list of resources to help form a network of families and businesses
  • Offer email correspondence, a Facebook page, and our own services (Amithyst Bosley Birth Doula & Rumor Photography)
  • SUPPORTING MOTHERS AND FAMILIES! Really, that’s my point here. I walked into my birth, breastfeeding, parenting/step-parenting thinking I knew what I needed to. I didn’t. I want to provide opportunity for others to feel a little better armed for any of these situations. We are as a society disconnected from each other and I think it is making our world of parenting harder than it needs to be. Lets stop for a second, and help each other.

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