First trip to the ER

We had a pretty good track record. Out of all 3 children we made it 12 years before our son, Oliver at almost 3 years old, decided to break it. Boys are SO much different than girls, I’d heard this 100 times while pregnant with him but it wasn’t until he started tripping, slipping, falling and bruising himself that I really knew what all the parents had warned me about. Boys are so much rougher than girls!!

It was a nice relaxing Memorial Day evening as Oliver and our dog Drake were hunting for adventure in the back yard like they’ve done so many times. Kairi and I heard him cry out, not in panic but obviously a, “I fell down and need some sympathy” kind of cry. We met a blood covered Oliver in the yard, from his forehead to his toes was bright red! I knew he was going to need stitches so I barked out orders to the girls to grab towels and shoes so we could head out.

It’s scary the first time your child injures themselves to the point where you know there is nothing you can do to fix it and must rely on others. *note to self, Urgent Care closes early on holidays, who does this?!!* We met my husband Forest at the doors and carried him in where although bleeding with an open wound on his forehead is scary for parents it is apparently not a big deal and had to wait over an hour to be seen.

It took 2 ½ hours from the time we got there to be seen, numbed and stitched up. 1 internal and 3 external stitches. It took 2 male nurses and myself to hold him down. It’s a terrible feeling having to hold your child down as they plead with the Dr. to stop and hear them say they need to be hugged by you. He fell asleep in the 2 minute car ride home and stayed passed out in our bed all night with only a few whimpers.

My heart goes out to all the parents whose children have serious injuries or health problems. My family has been fortunate enough to have very little health scares, I can only imagine the fear that goes through their heads.

Now Oliver is down to a much smaller scar that I hope will continue to shrink down, as long as I can get him to stop picking at the scabs!

20150525_19314120150525_204606head injury

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