Vaccines! Yep, I’m going there.

20120920_175248 - CopyLets start here, my OPINION:

I give my child all of the standard vaccines, except the flu shot. I won’t give her a flu shot. I won’t give my child a “best guess” EVERY year with no research of long term effects. A shot that only had a 20-40% efficiency rate this year. I didn’t get one while I was pregnant either.  Anyone with a live virus nasal flu vaccine should stay at home for a week and not spread the flu. I have seen a healthy child get this and then shortly after this child and several members of this childs family had diarrhea, and some had full blown flu symptoms. I don’t know that this was the direct cause, but stay away from my house if you’ve gotten this type of vaccine. These are my opinions, nothing more than that.


It is not up to me to decide if others vaccinate their children. Yes, there could be consequences for this opinion later, my child might be exposed to something. But what is more important to me is the freedom to make MY own decisions about MY CHILDS health without anyone trying to take that freedom away. I will be the one who makes the decisions about my childs health. Not any government agency, not a school or any other organization. Where is the line? When I hear the stories about parents being prosecuted for not giving their children medical care due to religious beliefs resulting in death, yes obviously I think it is terrible. Children don’t deserve to die when the medical care to help is available. But I also think to myself, if these people don’t get to choose how they treat their children when do I no longer get to choose to not get my daughter a flu shot? I fear that eventually these lines may blur. I don’t hope to change any persons belief about vaccinating or not. What I hope is that you educate yourself as much as possible about every medical decision for your child and make those decisions because they are what is right for you and your family, not just following the herd. There is too much of that these days.


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